Bond Construction Facilities Updates

Construction is well underway on the projects paid for by the construction bonds approved by the public in 2014. “All the projects are on budget, and they’re all on schedule,” said David Zeitlin, architect and Senior Project Manager with Hill International. He is managing the construction of the Wenatchee projects. Here’s an update on all the projects.

Washington Elementary School.

Classes continue uninterrupted in the old Washington Elementary building while the new school is being constructed adjacent to the old school. The underground utilities are installed, and the foundation, slab, and retaining wall are poured for lower wing. “Lots of things that aren’t visible yet,” says Zeitlin. “In the next couple of months, look for the steel to be erected and the building will start to take form. That will be exciting.”

Washington Elementary School
Architect image of the new Washington Elementary School entrance.

Lincoln Elementary School

A new parking lot and drop off area will be finished and ready to use very soon—by the middle of September. A new wing is under construction that will house 8 classrooms. Also, 4 classrooms are being added to the existing 200 wing. Renovations are underway in the small gym, and there will be an art and music classroom added as well. A new main entry and new administrative offices are under construction and will be ready for use by the first of March, 2016. A new play area has been created outside the school.

Lincoln Elementary school

Pioneer Middle School

Apple Bowl renovation is complete. New turf is and new lights are installed, along with new grandstands, all in time for the first football game. Also, the press box was re-roofed and modernized with fiber cable. New data will be coming under fiber conduit under turf to north press boxes. Locker room renovation will be finished in October. A security gate will be erected between the gym and main classrooms. It’s currently  being fabricated offsite and is expected to be installed by the end of October.

Pioneer students and faculty try out the new Apple Bowl turf.
Pioneer students and faculty try out the new Apple Bowl turf.

Castlerock Special Education and Early Childhood Learning Center

Over the summer site utilities were modernized, the roof was replaced, and some classrooms were renovated and were ready for use for the start of school. Administrative and office areas, and a new main entrance, are under construction and expected to be completed by the end of October, 2015. During the summer of 2016 more classrooms and building interior will be renovated and ready for the start of the 2016 school year.

Mission View Elementary Parking Lot

The Mission View Elementary Parking Lot and drop off area were completed in the 2014/2015 school year.