ASB Payment Information

Fines and Fees with TouchBase

How do I login?
To make online payments visit our TouchBase (click on purple button) web site.
TouchBase is our web portal used to view fees/fines or make online payments.
After logging in, click on your student's name.

As a parent you can (available options):
View student receipts
View/print receipt history
View open fines & fees
View/print fine & fee report
View/purchase products available to student

Parent Tips & Tricks
You can start over at any time by clicking on YOUR STUDENTS.
When you are ready to checkout, click on Your Shopping Cart at the top of the page.
Clicking either Home or Logout will log you out of the system.

How to make a payment:

Parents can select to pay open fees/fine as well as purchase products available to their students.

  1. Click "View Open Fines" to see if your student has a fine that needs to be paid.
  2. Select fine and click "Add" to add the item in your shopping cart.
  3. "Continue Shopping" allows you to select additional items.
  4. If you'd like to purchase items – click "Products Available to your student" Items available to purchase will be listed. Highlight and select "Add" to place the item in the cart.
  5. When finished shopping, click "Checkout". You will then be redirected to a VeriSign billing page.
  6. Enter your billing information as requested in the screen and click "Submit Credit Card Transaction"
  7. Click the link on the following screen "View credit card receipt (including convenience fees). This will provide youwith a receipt that you can save and/or print.
  8. These transactions are immediately available to both the parent as well as the school.

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