Summer Breeze Dance September 1


All-School Dance!

The Summer Breeze back-to-school dance will be held on September 1st from 9:00-11:00 p.m. in the WHS Courtyard. Admission is $5. Grades 9-12 are welcome to attend.

Only WHS students will be admitted. Student I.D. or schedule required for admittance.  Dress code will be enforced, along with appropriate dance behavior.


Dance Rules

All school rules shall be enforced at school dances. Please pay particular attention to the following items:

1. School dress code will be enforced at dances.

2. Appropriate dancing only- zero grinding, etc. Face to face with a little space.

3. Avoid any appearance of public displays of affection. Also known as PDA.

Any violation of any of the Dance Rules stated above will result in appropriate disciplinary action.