Family & Consumer Science

Courses Offered


Are you interested in fashion? Have you ever thought about designing textiles? The class includes; designing and constructing garments, designing and constructing accessories, altering, repurposing or repairing garments, fashion and textile merchandising careers in the fashion and fiber and textiles.


Line, form, color design -- they all affect how you feel, live, work and spend your money. This class begins with housing concepts and their history, moves on to interior design and then applies the principles to commercial and institutional spaces. Career opportunities abound in all these areas. Have fun and put your creativity and imagination to work.


The main objective of this course is to present all students with up-to-date knowledge on living a healthy lifestyle. This will be accomplished through several different activities including: cooking, reading, writing, discussion, guest speakers, videos, group presentations, and projects. The topics covered will be: general health and wellness, personal fitness, nutrition, mental/emotional health, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, infectious/noninfectious diseases, healthy family relationships, growth and development, reproductive health, basic first aid, and environmental health along with an emphasis on and tools to use in decision making and refusal skills. This course fulfills the graduation requirement for health.


This is an advanced course in cooking and related culinary arts that will prepare students for a variety of jobs within the food service industry. Students must have taken one of the prerequisite courses to be eligible to participate in this course. Students will build on basic cooking and food preparation skills and learn more advanced skills needed for work in a food service job, catering business or becoming a dietary aid in a health-related career.