Graduation Rate and Attainment up at Wenatchee High School

Graduation Rate and Attainment up at Wenatchee High School

The Wenatchee High School Class of 2018 during graduation at the Apple Bowl.

A high school diploma is one way to know a student is ready for a career, college, and life. The graduation rate is one way to know if the K-12 system is meeting the needs of all students.

Today Wenatchee High School released data about the graduating class of 2018 including an increase in the on-time graduation rate to 91.5 percent. That’s an increase of 5.8 percent from 2017. According to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) this the highest graduation rate since 2001, when the state started tracking this data. The next highest percentage on record was in 2011 at 90.6 percent.

District Graduate Rates:

Overall, graduation rates are up across the Wenatchee School District. The District graduation rate is now the highest it has ever been at 84.3 percent. An increase of 7.6 percent from 2017 where 415 students graduated for a total on-time graduation rate of 76.7 percent. That increase was due to both Wenatchee High School and WestSide High School raising on-time grad rates.

Wenatchee School District High School Graduation Rates:

  • Wenatchee High School - 85.7 percent (2017) to 91.5 percent (2018)
  • WestSide High School - 42.5 percent (2017) to 52.7 percent (2018)

State and National Graduation Rates:

Wenatchee’s graduation rates exceed the state and national averages. The state on-time graduation rate for 2017 was 79.3 percent (most current data), and According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the national on-time graduation rate is 84 percent.

The class of 2018 data also show gains in student attainment in college credit, advanced placement, running start as well as increases in daily attendance rates and a decrease in the school-wide failure rate.

College Readiness and Dual Credit

  • 293 students graduated with College Ready transcripts (2 credits in Foreign Language and reached Algebra 2 or higher in Math) - 64.7 percent of graduates
  • 202 students earned college credit while at WHS (WVC Credits or College in the High School credits from EWU, CWU, or UW) - 44.6 percent of graduates.
  • 148 students graduated with at least 1 AP course on their transcript - 32.7 percent of graduates.
  • 72 students graduated with an AA Degree from WVC - 15.9 percent of graduates
  • 39 community mentors worked with 52 senior students who were motivated to move on to post-secondary education.

Intervention Programs and School Wide Failure Rate Reduction

Interventions that have been put into place in recent years have reduced the school-wide failure rate at WHS from 8.1 percent to 5.5 percent. Interventions programs include

  • After school Homework Center (staffed with tutors)
  • Lunchtime Assignment Completion
  • Intervention Rooms, In-School Intervention Room (Dean’s Den)
  • Intervention Specialist assigned to English and Math
  • Student Support Teams (SST) - meeting weekly
  • Collaboration on secondary school choices for students (WHS, Westside, Tech Center)
  • After School Credit Retrieval
  • Online Course Availability
  • PBIS Building Wide Implementation (Positive Recognition)


Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. An intense focus on attendance by the WHS staff has increased the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) from 91.7 percent to 93.8 percent.

“All of this positive data is due to the hard work of our Wenatchee High School staff, students and community volunteers,” said WHS principal Eric Anderson. “Our teaching and support staff have worked tirelessly in the best interest of our students, and the positive results can be attributed to that effort. I also think the partnership we have created with the community has played a positive role as well. I am extremely proud of our students, staff, and community,” he said.

About Wenatchee High School:

Wenatchee High School is a comprehensive high school that serves 1,952 students in Wenatchee and Malaga. The purpose of Wenatchee High School is to meet the learning needs of each student and ensure that all students graduate with their high school diploma while continuing their quest for knowledge and becoming productive members of society.