Wenatchee Police Dept. Holding Active Shooter Training at WHS

Active Shooter Training

The Wenatchee Police Department will be conducting an Active Shooter training for officers on Tuesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 26 from 2 p.m. - midnight, and Wednesday, July 3 from noon - 4 p.m at Wenatchee High School. 
The training supports the efforts of the School Saftey Advisory Group, a collaboration between the Wenatchee School District, Wenatchee Police Department and various law enforcement and agency groups to improve and support school safety and security measures.
The topics covered will be defensive tactics (hand-to-hand apprehension techniques) and active shooter response.  The training will follow a “Reality Based Training” model and will provide officers various scenarios to work through, both as a team and individually. The scenarios will include physically taking a resisting subject into custody as well as searching for and apprehending active shooters.
Training will take place in the southeast corner of the school (English/Social Studies rooms) so the entire facility will not be closed off to regular use. Wenatchee High School staff still in the building during the training days have been notified. The public is as asked to avoid the area while officers are training. 

Media interested in attending the training should contact Wenatchee Police Detective Erik S. Bakke, Jr. at ebakke@wenatcheewa.gov (509) 888-4127 or (509) 860-4765.