Eight WSD Students and Staff Among GWATA Innovator Award Nominees

Eight WSD Students and Staff Among GWATA Innovator Award Nominees

GWATA will recognize over 50 innovators from North Central Washington during the 19th Annual Innovator Awards Luncheon on September 25. These nominees were nominated by the community for their innovation and accomplishments in entrepreneurship, technology, and STEM education.The Annual Innovator Awards Luncheon celebrates the drive, passion, and spirit of innovators in North Central Washington while inspiring those who are just starting their journey. 

“We have been very impressed by the caliber and diversity of our 2019 Innovator Nominees” said Jenny Rojanasthien, GWATA’s Executive Director. “We're excited to shine a spotlight on this talented group of individuals, business owners, and youth in the upcoming months."All of the nominees will be reviewed by a panel of community judges who select the top finalists and winner of each category. The winner in each category will be announced live at the Luncheon on September 25 at the Wenatchee Convention Center. Tickets for the event are available to the public and available for purchase at on GWATA's website.

Congratulations to the following Wenatchee School District staff and student nominees. 

Successful companies are those that aren’t afraid of change and face technology innovation head on. This award will be given to an organization, company, or department that has embraced technology to transform the work environment. This recipient will be using or creating technology in ways that advance production, improve efficiency, or differentiate their product or service for a competitive advantage.

David Yancey (Wenatchee School District)

STEM CHAMPION OF THE YEAR Presented by Microsoft
This award recognizes educators who are pursuing innovative approaches to learning through STEM experiences. The recipient will demonstrate a passion for STEM education, and will be seen by their peers and community as an advocate for promoting STEM pathways for students.

Mitzi Southard, Wenatchee High School
Lara Hays, Wenatchee School District

FUTURE TECHNOLOGY LEADER OF THE YEAR Presented by Equilus Financial Group

This award recognizes K-12 students for innovative projects in technology. The recipient has led the project or participated in a hands-on, experiential manner in an innovative, unique technology project. The recipient will demonstrate potential success through leadership, learning, and technology skills.

Connor O’Grady & Teagan Short, Wenatchee School District
Frida Gallegos, Wenatchee High School
Miranda Nayak & Ella Gebers, Foothills Middle School

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