Panther Sports District Play-Off Info: Football, Girls Soccer, Volleyball and Cross Country

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The boys ended the regular season in a three-way tie with Sunnyside and Eastmont for first place and the league's two berths to state.  As a result, a playoff is needed to determine our two district berths to state.  A mini-playoff will take place tomorrow at Lions Field in Moses Lake.  Below is the schedule for the playoff:

1:00 pm @ Lions Field, Moses Lake 

Game 1: Eastmont vs Sunnyside winner earns 1 berth to state 

Game 2: Loser of game 1 vs Wenatchee winner earns 2nd berth to state

Big Nine Playoff Procedures:
When a playoff for seeded positions is needed, the teams will play an abbreviated game. The game will consist of two Ten (10) minutes halves. The play begins the first half with a free-kick. After the first ten (10) minutes each team will be given a ten (10) minute intermission between halves. Play begins for the second half with a free-kick. All NFHS rules will apply. The games will include all aspects of a regular game.....kickoffs, punts, PAT’s , field goals and regulation timing procedures Each team will be allowed one (1) timeout per half. Pre-game procedures will be followed. If the abbreviated game is tied, the WIAA approved modified Kansas tiebreaker procedures will be used.
Time in between games will be 20 minutes

Admission will be charged just like a regular-season contest.  Prices will be $5 for adults and students without an ASB card and $3 for students with an ASB card and senior citizens.  

Girls Soccer:  
The girls play at noon tomorrow versus Moses Lake in the Apple Bowl.  The winner of the game earns the district 6-second berth to state and will travel to Spokane on Tuesday to play Gonzaga Prep.  

Admission prices are $6 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens.  

Cross County:  
Admission for cross country is $11 for adults and $8 for students and senior citizens.  

Sun Willows Golf Course, Pasco.

The girls travel to West Valley of Yakima tomorrow for their district tournament.  Below is the tournament schedule:

Game 1 @ Noon - West Valley vs Wenatchee - Winner is the district champion and earns the district's #1 seed to state;
Game 2 @ Noon - Eastmont vs Moses Lake 
Game 3 @ Approximately 2 pm - Loser of game 1 versus the winner of game 2.  The winner of this game earns the district's #2 seed to state.  

Admission to district volleyball is $8 for adults and $6 for students and senior citizens.