WSD Seeks Feedback with Stakeholder Survey

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The Wenatchee School District launched a stakeholder survey today aimed at collecting feedback and perceptions from staff, students, parents, and the public. The stakeholder survey is available in English and Spanish from February 13 through March 1. Access to electronic survey kiosks and paper copies are available in Wenatchee school offices. WSD parents, staff, registered district volunteers, and 8th-12th grade students were emailed a customized link to complete the survey. 

The questionnaire rounds out new Wenatchee Superintendent Dr. Paul Gordon’s Transition Plan. The survey follows up on six months of Dr. Gordon’s immersion into the community and his work engaging with over a thousand people in 1-on-1 meetings and in small and large group conversations. 

Survey questions are structured to collect thoughts on areas that the District is doing well, possibilities for the future, obstacles and areas to prioritize. At the end of the survey, participants are asked to assign a letter grade to either the District as a whole or to their child’s school.

Information collected through the survey will be combined with data already obtained during group and individual conversations. The outcome being a clearer picture of the District’s current position. Results will aid in identifying which areas need development and which areas are thriving. Ultimately, the information gathered will set the stage for the District’s next step — a new vision and strategic plan. 

“We hope the result of the survey is a tapestry woven with the voices, experiences, and hopes of our community,”  said Wenatchee Superintendent Dr. Paul Gordon. “This will give us a great context for who we are as an organization and who we aspire to be.”

WSD staff, students (8-12th grades), parents and registered volunteers check your email boxes for a customized link to the survey. 

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