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School Board

Board Operating Principles & Meeting Norms

Board Meeting Norms

  • The Board is a governing body. The Board understands and respects the distinct role of the Board and staff. 
  • The Board and Superintendent presume positive intent of Board members, staff and community.  Be cognizant of how questions are phrased.
  • The Board agenda is developed to ensure the meeting is run efficiently.
  • The Board adheres to the topics of the agenda. Board discussion is for the business purpose of seeking clarity, furthering understanding and being prepared to take action.  
  • After a motion on an important or controversial agenda item has been made and seconded, Board members are encouraged to share their perspective on how they intend to vote, in order to provide transparency to the community.
  • There are no side conversations or interrupting of other Board members during open and closed session meetings.  
  • Board members come prepared for each meeting.
  • Board members are given an adequate opportunity to participate in discussion and decision making.  
  • Board members will contact the Superintendent with agenda questions prior to the meeting (Friday at 10:00 a.m. at the latest).  This will allow staff the time necessary to research the information. Additional questions may still be presented during the Board meeting as necessary.
  • Board members will state their position concisely and summarize. If another Board member has already captured the position on a subject, he/she will state that without repeating. 
  • The Board’s treatment of all persons is courteous, dignified and fair. There is a respectful atmosphere throughout the entire meeting. 
  • The Board President’s role is to facilitate the meeting by monitoring the discussion. Based on the norms, the Board President will check in with Board members to invite any new comments or to move forward to the next item. The Board President will enforce the agreed upon norms. 
  • Electronic devices may be out during Board meetings, but should not be a distraction and should not be used for Board business. 

Board Operating Principles

  • Establish priorities and keep district resources focused on student learning.
  • Set Policies.  Procedures are informational items only. 
  • Approve the budget.
  • Listen to and represent the community. 
  • Be an advocate and champion of the Wenatchee School District and public education. 
  • Be supportive of students, staff, and administration.
  • Support participation and involvement in decision-making in a collegial way.
  • Any questions, comments or concerns for staff are to be sent to the Superintendent and cc: the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will direct the information to the appropriate individual(s) for a response. Board members will not communicate directly with cabinet, principals or any staff members through email, phone calls, or text messages.   
  • The Board speaks with one voice.  Directors who are in the minority agree to support Board decisions when action is taken.

The Role of the Board is not to:

  • Carry out policies or micromanage.
  • Create surprises.
  • Abdicate Board responsibilities.
  • Press narrow personal agendas.
  • Make promises as an individual board member.  


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