Employee G.E.M. Award

Employees Going the Extra Mile


1. Operational Division
2. Classified Employees

3. K-5 Certificated
4. 6-8 Certificated

5. 9-12 Certificated
6. Administrator

Criteria - The 8 Points of the GEM

1. Positive

Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic and cheerful manner that promotes positive morale

2. People First

Creates Relationships that make education more personal

3. Team Player

Collaborates and assists team members in any way needed

4. Initiative

Exhibits initiative resulting in improved work/learning environment

5. Performance

Demonstrates excellence in overall work performance and/or achieves high quality student learning

6. Customer Service

Provides outsanding customer service

7. Creativity

Engages in and supports activities that nurture and inspire innovation and creativity

8. Citizenship

Actively partners with team, students and/or the community to best support students


  • Quarter 1 Award  - Nominations due by November 1st

  • Quarter 2 Award - Nominations due by February 1st

  • Quarter 3 Award - Nominations due by May 1st

Application Process

  • Nominate an employee for the G.E.M. award 

  • All nominees will receive employee recognition certificate

  • All quarterly winners will be submitted for the Chelan County Excellence Award

  • Winners will be selected by the District Leadership Team