About Us

The Technology Department is a supportive division under the Assistant Executive Director of Technology Innovation, supporting technology equipment, network services, telephone systems, electronics (alarms, clocks, bells) hardware standards and refresh, help desk services, building technology support, teacher instructional technology support, purchasing, planning, and visioning.

Technology covers a wide variety of support in the following areas:

Computer Hardware Repair

  1. Physical repair of all computer hardware to include desktop and laptop cpu, monitors, printers
  2. Parts ordering for all repairs and replacements

Network services

a. All local area network (LAN) services to include:

  1. New wiring design for network connectivity inside buildings
  2. All switch installation for group network access
  3. All wireless access and configuration

b. All wide area network (WAN) services to include:

  1. New circuit design for network connectivity outside buildings/ building to building
  2. Internet service from the building through the K-20 network
  3. Firewall and content filter management
  4. Network performance monitoring

Servers to include:

  1. Electronic mail (email) account and service management
  2. Domain and web service hosting support for all WSD web sites
  3. Virtual Servers
  4. Windows server support
  5. Macintosh server support
  6. District Office file storage

Telephone systems

  1. System design
  2. Programming and upgrades
  3. Module, handset, and license purchasing

Digital AV

  1. Purchasing, ]installation, management of digital projectors.
  2. Purchasing, ]installation, management of classroom audio.
  3. Purchasing, ]installation, management of document cameras.
  4. Purchasing, ]installation, management of classroom AV control systems.
  5. Management of online monitoring systems for digital AV systems

Alarm Systems

  1. Fire
  2. Security

Help desk

  1. Online Helpdesk via phone or chat
  2. TSS-I (Technical Support Specialist -Tier I). First responder for building support
  3. TSS-II (Technical Support Specialist -Tier II). Advanced troubleshooting support for operating system and application support.

Electronic Document Control/Web Design Assistance

  1. Online document creation and management
  2. Print on demand services through Office Depot for light and volume print needs
  3. Ricoh mass printing management
  4. Qualtrics surveys and workflows
  5. Web design assistance

Student Information Systems

  1. Management and coordination of our student information system (Skyward)
  2. Coordination and consulting on account provisioning stemming from our student information system.

Instructional Support

  1. In person and online support of teaching staff
  2. Collaborative coaching around digital instruction
  3. Planning and purchasing for classroom technology

Mobile Device Management

  1. Management of our Mobile Device Management system (Filewave)
  2. Management of our Google Workspace

Assessment Services

  1. State testing systems support and training
  2. Data systems coordination, development, training, and support.

Other services

  1. Technical consulting, hardware refresh, and standards for all staff and students at all levels
  2. Levy and department budget management
  3. Repair and maintenance of fire and security systems not using 3rd party contracts
  4. Specialized electronic support as requested
  5. District asset inventory and surplus process