Parent Resources

Guidelines, Information, and Policies

The following are systems we have in place to manage, protect, and guide our students and staff on their district assigned devices.

Permission and Use Forms

Listed here are the required yearly forms that are needed from your student to participate in our 1:1 device program.  

Here are the required forms to use an assigned 1:1 device:

Coverage Options

The Wenatchee School District will be providing students and families the option of obtaining device coverage. This coverage must be purchased or declined annually for each school year.  All students will also have a "holding fee" on their account until the device is turned in at the end of each year.  The holding fee is there in case the device or charging equipment is not returned.  You can see the replacement prices in the table below. 

The following claims are covered by our coverage policy: accidental damage, cracked screens, drops, liquid damage, theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surge due to lightning. 

This coverage will provide replacement cost and protect the mobile device (on and off school grounds). The cost is per incident (2 incidents per year; after 2 incidents the full repair cost will be charged). The initial fee of $25 covers your first repair if necessary, you will be fined an additional $25 for a 2nd repair if needed. Any additional repair will be billed at the full rate for the necessary repair.  Loss of the device is not covered unless it is a theft with accompanying police report.

To register and pay for coverage for your student's device, you may print out the required form and turn it in to your building's office with cash or check for the indicated fee, or you have the option to pay online by following the link below to WSD's online payment page. 

  • Online payment for device coverage, e-Funds for Schools or TouchBase, which offer options for parents/guardians to make easy and fast payments electronically.
  • Printable form to take into your school's office to pay.

Average repair/replacement costs for typical items

iPad shell TBD
iPad camera TBD
iPad screen $100.00
On/Off button TBD
Volume TBD
Headphone port TBD
iPad cord $20.00
iPad charger brick $20.00
iPad keyboard case $110.00
iPad external keyboard $75.00
iPad case (non keyboard) $50.00
iPad full replacement if lost or not returned $450.00
Hotspot $100.00
Hotspot power cord $25.00
Chromebook screen $100.00
Chromebook adapter $25.00
Chromebook keyboard $45.00
Chromebook individual key $25.00
Chromebook touchpad $100.00
Chromebook charging port TBD
SD port TBD
USB port TBD
Headphones port TBD
Speakers TBD
Touchpad $100.00
Charger brick $25.00
Webcam TBD
Chromebook full replacement if lost or not returned $350.00