District Learning Team

Standing or Ad Hoc

Standing Committee

Executive Sponsor(s)

Dr. Paul Gordon 

Group Reporter

Kim White

Group Facilitator(s)

Superintendent Dr. Paul Gordon, WenEA President Kris Cameron

Purpose / Goal

To provide opportunities to model and support a culture of collaboration where all stakeholders are engaged in building a system focused on continuous improvement of the learning system.

Membership Makeup

  • WSD Cabinet and Bargaining Team
  • WenEA Exec Board and Bargaining Team
  • PSE para/secretary/technical President

How are members selected?

Ex-officio members (by virtue of their position)

Members' roles

Serve by virtue of position

Member Names & assignments


  • Dr. Paul Gordon, Superintendent
  • Michele Sandberg, School Board Member 
  • Rotating School Board member – Martin Barron, María Iñíguez
  • Cabinet: Kelly Lopez, Mark Helm, Larry Mayfield
  • WSD Bargaining Team: Si Stuber, Taunya Brown, Donna Moser
  • Eric Anderson, Superintendent Intern


  • Sec/Para/Tech Professionals President: Heather Bertomeu


  • Executive Board: Kris Cameron, Rosie Gonsález, Brenda Hargraves, Adam MacDonald, Jake St. John, Emily Wilson, Monika Christensen, Tracy Walsh
  • WenEA Bargaining Team: Monika Christensen, Suzanne Gladsjo, Eva Martínez, Dawn McCormick

Group meeting dates 2019-20

Group meeting dates 2018-19

Group meeting dates  2017-18