District Learning Team

Standing or Ad Hoc

Standing Committee

Executive Sponsor(s)

Brian Flones

Group Reporter

Maria Iniguez, Lindee Akers, Barb Larkin

Group Facilitator(s)

Superintendent Brian Flones, WenEA President Kris Cameron

Purpose / Goal

To provide opportunities to model and support a culture of collaboration where all stakeholders are engaged in building a system focused on continuous improvement of the learning system.

Membership Makeup

  • WSD Cabinet and Bargaining Team
  • WenEA Exec Board and Bargaining Team
  • PSE para/secretary/technical President

How are members selected?

Ex-officio members (by virtue of their position)

Members' roles

Serve by virtue of position

Member Names & assignments


  • Brian Flones, Superintendent
  • Sarah Knox, School Board Member 
  • Rotating School Board member – Michele Sandberg, Laura Jaecks
  • Cabinet: Jon DeJong, Lisa Turner, Mark Helm, Larry Mayfield
  • WSD Bargaining Team: Si Stuber, Taunya Brown, Donna Moser
  • Eric Anderson, Superintendent Intern


  • Sec/Para/Tech Professionals President: Lori Wisemore


  • Executive Board: Kris Cameron, Rosie Gonsález, Brenda Hargraves, Lizbeth López Vasquez, Adam MacDonald, Eva Martinez, Jake St. John, Emily Wilson
  • WenEA Bargaining Team: Monika Christensen, Suzanne Gladsjo, Eva Martínez, Dawn McCormick

Group meeting dates 2018-19

Group meeting dates  2017-18