Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)

Standing or Ad Hoc

Standing Committee

Executive Sponsor(s)

Sarah Hanchey

Group Reporter

Kassie Wright

Group Facilitator(s)

Sarah Hanchey

Purpose / Goal

Reviews curriculum adoption recommendations to ensure they comply with the state's guidelines for eliminating bias, and forwards approved materials to the School Board for formal adoption.

Membership Makeup

District-wide representation from principals, teachers, instructional coaches, and parents.

How are members selected?

Continue from year to year.  Replaced as needed.

Members' roles

Review and discuss curriculum recommendations.

Member Names & assignments

  • Rob Cline - Middle School Principal
  • Gracie Helm - Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Alex Rosenfield - High School Teacher
  • Jana Sutton - Elementary Teacher
  • Tim Sheppard - Elementary Principal
  • Leslie Peterson - Elementary Instructional Coach
  • Sandra Lancaster - Middle School Librarian
  • Stacy Moody - Middle School Teacher
  • Meilyn Ivy - Parent
  • Kerin Keys - Parent

Group meeting dates  2017-18

April 10, 2018 - Notes