Learning and Teaching 6th - 8th Science Adoption 

Standing or Ad Hoc

2016 -17, One Year Only

Executive Sponsor(s)

Jodi Smith Payne

Group Reporter

Kassie Wright

Group Facilitator(s)

Sarah Hanchey

Purpose / Goal

Review Science programs to determine quality and best fit for possible curriculum adoption to occur in Spring 2017.

Membership Makeup

Teachers, Science Facilitator, and Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

How are members selected?

Teachers who serve are stakeholders as they teach the Content Area (Science); Members are also selected based on availability to attend meetings; and recommended by principals. District-wide representation needed from all schools; Representation needed from each grade level that will use the adopted materials; and Representation from district level.

Members' roles

Members represent their building Science departments.

Member Names & assignments

  • Greg Simmons – Pioneer MS
  • Noni Clark – Foothills MS
  • Sally Knipfer – Pioneer MS
  • Todd Jensen – Foothills MS
  • Tovah Parsons – Orchard MS
  • Alison Haug – Orchard MS
  • Erica Wilson – Pioneer MS
  • Jenaia Narte – Pioneer MS
  • Beth Hammerberg – Orchard MS
  • Carolyn Dotter - Pioneer MS
  • Jenelle Bailey – Foothills MS
  • Susie Choman – Pioneer MS
  • Graham Stansbery – Wenatchee High School
  • Cesar Mendoza  - Wenatchee High School
  • Mark Haugen – Wenatchee High School
  • Tara Janet – Wenatchee High School
  • Jill Fineis, K-8 Science Coordinator
  • Sarah Hanchey, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Group meeting dates  2017-18