School Delays and Closures due to Inclement Weather: What you need to know

It doesn’t happen very often, even in the snowy Wenatchee Valley, but occasionally school may be delayed or closed due to inclement weather.

How and when will you find out if school is late or closed?

Automated Phone Calls & Emails: Please make sure the phone number and email you have provided to your school are up-to-date. You may check with your child’s school office.
Website Announcements: Be sure to bookmark the district's website 
Social Media Posts: Follow us on Twitter @ WenatcheeSD and find us on Facebook at @Wenatcheeschools
Local TV/Radio Announcements

How does the school district decide whether to close or delay school?
Transportation Director, Jenny Lagadinos checks the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather updates as well as the county for road conditions. She drives bus routes to evaluate road conditions and contacts Superintendent Gordon by 5 AM. Superintendent Gordon makes the final decision as to whether schools stay on schedule, delay opening, or close. School closures must be made up later.

Why would the district delay the start of school?
Delaying school gives the Transportation Department time to chain up the fleet. It also puts bus travel in a safer, non-commute time.

School delays and closures can impact a family’s schedule.

The decision to delay or close school is not taken lightly. It’s disruptive for working parents that have to come up with a plan for the care of children. We recommend families of young children develop a backup plan in the event that schools are delayed or closed.

Questions? Call the Transportation Department at (509) 662-6168. The office opens at 6:00 AM.