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Prior to the beginning of each semester, students will have the opportunity to request course changes utilizing the online “Student Initiated Schedule Change Request” form. This form will be available on the Counseling Office website during that time.

Schedule changes based on interest will not be accepted after the start of the semester.

Please keep in mind, that changes cannot be made based on teacher preference.  If your request is necessary and/or possible, you can confirm that the change has been made by checking your schedule in Skyward.  

Administrative Schedule/Class Changes

Administrative schedule/class changes/drops at WHS may occur without student consent, due to misplacement, scheduling errors, class balancing, class/seat availability, behavior/discipline issues, academic placement, and/or medical/health reasons to ensure optimum school outcomes for the student.

The “Request to Drop Class” form will be utilized to document Administrator initiated changes. The form will identify whether course will be recorded on the transcript and if so what grade will be assigned.

Request to Drop a Class Form

After the first day of class students may drop a class up until the end of the 15th day of each semester utilizing the “Request to Drop Class” form (see below) without it appearing on the transcript.

Any classes dropped between the 16th day and the end of the first quarter will be recorded on the transcript with a “W” if passing the class at the time of dropping the class or an “F” if failing the class and no credit will be earned for that class.

Any classes dropped after the 1st quarter until the end of the semester will be recorded with an “F” on the student’s transcript regardless of the current grade and no credit will be earned.

Internet Based Curriculum Pre-Approval Form

The principal is responsible for evaluating educational experiences of individual students and recommending graduation to the superintendent when requirements have been met. An Internet based course must be preapproved by the principal and can be applied once the course requirements have been met. Internet based curriculum can be delivered by the WSD district and other Washington State accredited programs. Because of the variety of internet based curriculum choices, the variety of delivery methods and the variety of certificated supervision the WSD chooses to pre-approve all internet based courses to be assured our students are receiving quality learning experiences. After the school counselor reviews the proposal and fills out this form with the student, this information will be presented to the building principal for pre-approval. Upon completion of the course, record of the student’s grade, and credit will be noted on the student’s transcript.

High School Courses Taken in Middle School Form

The principal is responsible for evaluating educational experiences of individual students and recommending graduation to the superintendent when requirements have been met. High school credit granted for courses taken during middle school must be documented and approved in the following manner.

The Wenatchee School District accepts the following equivalency courses for high school credit if taken in Wenatchee School District middle school programs:

  1. Algebra One passing a full year = 1 High School Credit
  2. Geometry passing a full year = 1 High School Credit
  3. Spanish One passing a full year = 1 High School Credit

High school transcript - If the student has completed a high school equivalency course, he/she is eligible to receive high school credit. When your student chooses to receive high school credit for the class, it will be posted to their permanent transcript and will be calculated into their grade point average (GPA). Please understand that once this class has been posted to your student’s transcript, it becomes a part of the permanent high school record and we are not able to remove the class nor the grade.

If you or your student are unsure about whether the class/grade should be added to their transcript you may wish to discuss it with your student’s counselor. This class may be added at any time during your student’s high school career, so you may wish to wait until your student is a senior before making the final decision


Home Based Instruction Equivalency Form

High School Equivalency Credit Form 

High School Credit Waiver Form  

Competency Based Credit Approval Form

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