Choice Enrollment

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Information for 2021-2022

Kindergarten Choice request decisions will be notified to parents one week before school begins

If your choice is approved for the building you choose and you would like to attend a different building, you must re-apply for choice for that building.

Choice Changes

Choice is a program that manages students who wish to transfer from one school to another within our District or from outside the District. The Wenatchee School District School Board has recently approved changes to policy No. 3131 (In-District Transfers) & 3141 (Non-Resident Students) regarding school Choice. These changes will help with major issues the district has been experiencing such as, buildings becoming full, large class sizes, and requests being denied yet parents appealing those denials.

Also, in the 2016-17 school year, district elementary class size limits were reduced, resulting in less room for Choice acceptance. Below are some of the key changes parents need to know for the upcoming year.

  1. The open window for submitting Choice applications for the 2021-2022 school year is February 1 through March 31.  Any in-district applications that are received after this period will be put on a “waitlist” and will not be considered during the choice acceptance meeting.  Out-of-District choice requests received after the open period will be denied with the option of being placed on a waitlist if the parent desires.
  2. For grades 1 though 8, parents will be notified of Choice request decisions (approval/denials) by mid-May.  Choice decisions for Kindergarten students will not happen until the end of August.  Late notice is necessary to ensure that students who reside within the school boundaries have registered and Choice acceptance does not create class overloads.
  3. Because class size limits cannot be exceeded, appeals will not be heard if a student’s Choice application is denied due to lack of space availability.  To put it simply, we cannot make a class “less full” in order to accept more kids.
  4. Daycare location will not be considered a “special hardship” when determining Choice acceptance.
  5. Finally, on the District website, on the Choice webpage, there will be a grid showing which schools/grade levels will be accepting Choice applications and which are already full. If requests are submitted for a school/grade that is marked as full, those applications will be automatically placed on a “waitlist.”

Choice Enrollment Availability

Choice enrollment availability will be based on the following chart. Grade levels with a yellow box indicate there is space for some choice requests for these schools and grade levels only. Grade levels with a 'TBD' will be determined once boundary area students registrations have been processed. Schools and grade levels that are marked as full are marked with an X any choice request for those grade levels will automatically be placed on a "wait list".

Choice Enrollment Availability Chart*

  Kinder 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
COLUMBIA X       X X      
LEWIS & CLARK X     X X X      
LINCOLN     X     X      
MISSION VIEW         X X      
NEWBERY       X X X      
Sunnyslope X X X X X X      
Washington X X X X X X      
Foothills Middle School             X X X
Orchard Middle School             X X X
Pioneer Middle School             X X X

*Availability will be updated on a regular basis

In-District Transfer Request

Parents/Guardians or students who wish to transfer to a school outside of his or her boundary attendance area but still within the Wenatchee school district must complete a In-District Transfer Request. Please read the In-District Transfer Reference Guide for important information and timelines.

School Boundary Map

Non-Resident Choice Transfer Request

Parents/Guardians or Students who wish to transfer to the Wenatchee School District must complete a CHOICE Transcript Request. The CHOICE Transfer Request may be obtained from the resident school district or you can submit an online request in the portal below. Please read the Non-Resident Transfer Reference Guide for important information and timelines

Out-Of-District Choice Transfer Portal - Please make sure you choose the correct school year for your request.

Policy #3141 - Non Resident Students

Resident Students Wanting to Choice Out of the Wenatchee School District (including online schools)

Non-Resident Families can electronically file a Choice Transfer Request or annually renew your Non-Resident Choice status using the online Choice Transfer Portal.

If you do not have access to the internet please complete and submit the Choice Transfer Request form to the Wenatchee School District Office at 235 Sunset Avenue, Wenatchee, WA 98801.Choice Transfer Request Form    English     Spanish