State Assessment

OSPI released information on May 28, 2021 that guides districts to meet federal requirements for annual state assessments. The 2020-21 extended 'spring' testing windows will occur during the first weeks of the 2021-22 school year. This fall, students will be tested with much shorter tests than previously administered and the tests will measure academic standards from students' 2020-21 grade level. Each school will host a test event that is nested within September 27 - November 10. 

  • OSPI's 2021 test window for Fall is September 27-November 10, 2021. Fall state assessment is ELA and math, grades 4-9, 11; science in grade 6, 9, 12.
  • Spring 2022 state assessments usually take place in May and will test ELA and math in grades 3-8, 10, and science in grades 5, 8, 11.

During the 2021-22 school year, state assessments will offer students, staff and districts a unique opportunity to measure student learning. Our district uses multiple points of data to support student learning; paired with data from our classroom assessments, the resulting state assessment score data will provide an additional layer of information as to how we may help our students move forward with their educational goals.

Statewide testing helps ensure all public-school students, no matter where they go to school, receive a quality education. Each spring, Washington students are tested by the state to assess their progress. Washington state uses the Smarter Balanced Assessment for English Language Arts (reading and writing) and Mathematics. Springtime Smarter Balanced is given in grades 3-8 and 10. The Spring Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science is given in grades 5, 8 and 11. 

Starting Smarter offers parents and students the opportunity to learn how to use state test score reports to better understand your child's strengths and areas in need of improvement. Also, please visit the OSPI website for more information. Students may review sample questions and items seen on our state tests. OSPI's Understanding Smarter Balanced Assessment Scores with Audio offers helpful information to support students.

Learn about state assessment score reports here.

The Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement (WA-AIM) is an alternate assessment for students with significant cognitive challenges. Instead of accessing the Smarter Balanced Assessment, the WA-AIM assessment measures student knowledge and skills through the use of performance tasks. 

WIDA assessments are used to determine English language levels and student eligibility for English Language Development services. Students with home languages other than English take the WIDA Screener to help determine if specific services will be provided to the student. Students who are served for English Language Development take the annual WIDA test in late winter. Of these students, students with significant cognitive disability will access the WIDA Alternate Access test to better support their unique needs. Local testing dates for both WIDA and WIDA Alternate Assess assessments are nested within dates mandated by OSPI, January 31 - March 25, 2022. Our schools will schedule testing dates to best support their students. As of August 2, 2021, OSPI has not yet set the state testing window for WIDA Alternate Assess assessment.

Parents and students who wish to refuse state testing may contact their principal for further information. 

Washington State Report Card is OSPI's report of our assessment scores and other various strands of data. The Report Card is updated each November.

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