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Container #2: Define, Teach, Review, Monitor & Reteach Positively-Stated Expectations


  • 5.2 The teacher reviews expectations regarding rules and procedures to ensure their effective execution
  • 6.3 The teacher provides opportunities for students to self-reflect and track progress toward learning goals 

Note: Blue font indicates GLAD strategy


  • Identifies necessary classroom routines and expectations for each rule or procedure, e.g., entering classroom, asking for help.
    (T-chart for social skills)
  • States classroom rules in positive language – what students should “do”, not what they should “not do” 
    (3 personal standards, T-chart for social skills)
  • Develops and uses a lesson plan to teach each rule and procedure
  • Explicitly models, teaches, and reteaches classroom routines, including right way, wrong way, and almost-but-not-quite right way (not accepting almost-right)
  • Monitors student understanding of rules and procedures, and revisits and reteaches rules and procedures throughout the year
  • Classroom rules are aligned with the school-wide expectations
  • Students are actively involved in establishing classroom rules
  • Teaches students self-control and self-monitoring strategies
  • Engages students in specific activities for them to get to know one another and solve problems collaboratively
  • Helps students track their individual progress on the learning goal
  • Other


  • Can restate or explain rules and procedures
  • Follow routines and procedures during class
  • May be involved in designing classroom routines
  • May participate in classroom meetings to teach, review, and process rules and procedures
  • May monitor and describe their status relative to the learning goal 

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