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Container #5: Establish a Continuum of Strategies to Respond to Inappropriate Behavior


  • 1.4 The teacher demonstrates value & respect for all
  • 5.3 The teacher demonstrates “withitness”
  • 5.4 The teacher applies consequences for lack of adherence to rules & procedures
  • 5.6 The teacher builds positive relationships by displaying objectivity and control 

Note: Blue font indicates GLAD strategy


  • Builds upon existing relationship with student by privately discussing causes and solutions to repeated misbehaviors
  • Provides specific and brief corrections, e.g., stating expected behavior for academic and social errors
  • Begins with the least restrictive procedure to discourage rule violating behavior - nonverbal signals, e.g., eye contact, proximity, shaking head, 
    ; moving to verbal corrections; then proceeding to more restrictive procedures as needed, e.g., time-out to problem-solve misbehavior
  • Provides verbal signals when student's behavior is not appropriate; asks student/s to state and show expected behavior, “
    solve that problem"
  • Secures student's attention and redirects student to correct behavior
  • Uses teach, reteach as needed to make good decisions, show respect and solve problems 
    (3 Personal Standards; 10:2)
  • Involves home when appropriate, e.g., makes a call home to parents to help extinguish inappropriate behavior
  • Responds to rule violating behavior in a calm, emotionally objective and professional manner while speaking to students with dignity and respect
  • Uses different reinforcement strategies to address behaviors that violate classroom rules, considering situational context and needs of individual students
  • Other (Note: Teacher may seek administrative help for serious misbehavior)


  • Cease inappropriate behavior when signaled by the teacher
  • Accept consequences as part of the way class is conducted
  • When asked, describe the teacher as fair in application of rules
  • Work to make good decisions, show respect, solve problems
  • Are settled by teacher’s calm behavior

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